Belgrade, Serbia



IES – INSTITUTE OF ECONOMIC SCIENCES is a non-profit academic think-tank institution, owned by Republic of Serbia with 55 years of significant researches and analyses in various fields of economic sciences. Through Belgrade Banking Academy (BBA) - Faculty for Banking, Insurance and Finance, the Institute gives full contribution to human resources education at the highest academic and professional level.

Our slogan is "Cognoscere est Mutare".

EIS in numbers

  • Founded in 1958
  • 36 employees (28 researchers and 8 employees in service departments)
  • 70% of its financing – from public funds
  • 30% – from commissioned projects

Fields of research

  • Macroeconomic studies, elaboration, projections and forecasting
  • International economic relation analysis
  • World economic and trade surveys
  • Studies and strategies on economic, regional, and sustainable development
  • Sector economic policies
  • Large number of projects for economic subjects in almost all economic fields

Research Team

The IES researchers have acquired their knowledge at leading national and/or international universities. They are recognized as highly esteemed experts in their respective fields, always open to sharing knowledge and cooperating with local and foreign scientists and the business community. Beyond the frame of reference of IES departments/units, interdisciplinary project teams carried out interdisciplinary projects gathering up members of various units as well as joint members (supplemented, where necessary, by outside experts).

Commissioned projects and services

IES cooperates with great number of private companies, government, non-government, national and international institutions and organizations. All employees and associates (scientific institutions researchers, consultants and counselors) are always ready to share with you the professional experiences, knowledge and information, acquired at the Institute, national, regional and global environment. IES funding sources varies from international funds like TEMPUS, FP-7, RRPP, HORIZONT 2020 and SCOPES to local funding from government institutions and private companies for consulting services. It is also a local coordination unit (LCU) of RRPP.

The IEN research and consulting activities usually take the following forms:

  • Macro-projects and research studies addressed on current or foreseeable issues in development policy and international cooperation for governments and ministries, international organizations and institutions, national or international commissions and relevant authorities, business associations, corporations and company departments.
  • Reports, brief analyses and expertises for wide variety of clients and partnering institutions covering current issues and topics in economic and social development, world economy and Yugoslav foreign economic relations and strategy, business and entrepreneurship issues.
  • Position/background papers on fundamental and current economic and development policy and strategy based on either Institute's or professional staff research incentives.
  • Training and workshop programmes/courses in marketing, management and international business - permanent or ad hoc.
  • Panel, round/table and promotional activities dedicated to current topics.


  • Publication "Macroeconomic Analyses and Prognoses - MAP"
  • Journal "Economic Analysis"
  • Journal "Journal of Women's Entrepreneurship and Education - JWE"
  • Monographs
  • Thematic Collection of Papers & Conference Papers
  • Thematic Collection of Papers
  • Working Papers
  • Link to IES digital repository.