December 5, 2013

A meeting of the Association of Southeast Europe Economic Institutes


As part of the celebration of the Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade, 05 December 2013 Association of Southeast Europe Economic Institutes (SEEA) organized a meeting. The meeting was attended by representatives of all institutes: Economic Institute, Banja Luka, Nebojša Bomeštar, Phd; Economic Institute, Skopje, Biljana Angelova, Phd, Institute of Economics, Sarajevo, Muamer Halilbašić, Phd; The Institute of Economics, Zagreb, dr Dubravka Jurlina Alibegović; The Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana, Peter Stanovnik, Phd and Institute of Economic Sciences, Beograd, Serbia, Dejan Erić, Phd, Srđan Redžepagić, Phd, Ivan Stošić, Phd, Aleksandra Bradić-Martinović, Phd and Vladimir Simović, Phd.

Discussion at the meeting was focused on the aspects of future cooperation which will be realized through the exchange of knowledge, work in scientific journals, project applications, and organizing of an international conference next year.

The Association has plans to expand the membership and to involve the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica, Montenegro. Prof. Dr. Saša Popovič expressed great enthusiasm for the realization of this cooperation.

It was agreed that in the next year management pass from the colleagues from Skopje and Mrs. Biljana Angelova, who led the Association during the past year, into the hands of prof. Dejan Eric, and the Institute of Economic Sciences.