Faculty of Economics

Podgorica, Montenegro



The Faculty of Economics in Podgorica is the oldest faculty in Montenegro, with the tradition longer than forty-five years. The Faculty was founded in 1960, and till establishing the University “Veljko Vlahovic”, in April 1974 it was a part of the University in Belgrade. During 1965, the Institute for social-economic researches was founded within the Faculty, as a separate unit which was one of the most active research institutions in Montenegro.

The aim of the Faculty of Economics is a high standard of education and that is why we intend to educate new generations on a reformed high education, which is characterized by openness and integration, flexible and competitive approach and optimistic spirit, with developing critical awareness, as well as high moral standards and academic autonomy.

The Faculty of Economics today represents an institution which, apart from production of necessary economic educated staff with its competent and scientific potentials, through positive transmission, generates and expedites the processes of reform in economy and society of Montenegro. We also give a significant contribution to the development of marketing economy, democration and civilized society. Our aspiration is based on searching for the solution – to think of a strategy how to transfer our society through transition from industrial into the society of communication and liberalism.

Fields of research

Within the undergraduate studies, the Faculty organizes undergraduate Academic studies and Applied studies of Management which last for three years.

The Postgraduate studies comprise Master and Doctoral studies. Within the master studies there are Postgraduate academic studies and Postgraduate applied studies. All study programs of undergraduate (academic and applied) and postgraduate studies are in compliance with appropriate studies in countries which accepted the Bologna declaration. Syllabuses for these study programs were made with the help of representative samples taken from the leading universities in Europe and the USA.

Apart from teaching activities, the Faculty realizes research, scientific and expert activities in various forms. There are, above all, different projects, courses for knowledge innovation, skill improvement, staff training, consulting, scientific discussions, academic cooperation with other institutions, publishing professional and scientific publications etc.

Institute in numbers

More than 6,000 students have graduated at the Faculty of Economics since it was founded, more than 400 of them achieved the title of MSc, and more than fifty – the title of PhD.

Research team

More than fifty full-time employed professors and assistants, with academic degree of PhD or academic degree MSc. In the function of visiting professors, the Faculty permanently engages a great number of lecturers, both from the university in our country and from abroad.

Commissioned projects and services

The Faculty of Economics in Podgorica actively participates in the following international projects:

CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) – The Faculty of Economics is a partner institution within the CEEPUS network – AMADEUS and REDENA, by which an exchange of students and professors is possible. In academic 2006/2007 there were totally 17 students and 6 lecturers from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica in the program of exchange, while four students from the partner institutions studied at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica. In academic 2007/2008 year, totally 25 students and four lecturers from the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica were in program of exchange at some of the partner institutions, while nine foreign students studied at the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica.

TEMPUS PROJECTS – The Faculty of Economics has successfully organized two Tempus projects: “Building of Network for the Further Development of the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Yugoslavia”, and „Upgrading Undergraduate Business Studies in FRY”.

At this moment, The Faculty of Economics in Podgorica actively participates in PACINNO - Platform for trans-Academic Cooperation in Innovation - an international project funded by the IPA Adriatic Cross-border Cooperation Program.


International cooperation is one of the priority activities of the Faculty of Economics in Podgorica. Besides perspective academic programs and plans which are being implemented at the Faculty of Economics, the activities of international cooperation considerately contribute the rating and total success of the Faculty.

The Faculty of Economics successfully cooperates with the institutions of higher education, as well as with economic entities, which can be proved by a great number of signed agreements on cooperation with the institutions in the region, European Union and the United States of America.

Department for international cooperation of the Faculty of Economics encourages and develops the mobility of students and lecturers. Through realization of various forms of cooperation with partner institutions, the Faculty of Economics gives possibility to its students to expand their knowledge and enrich the professional experience at the foreign faculties by doing practice in the companies all around Europe.