Institute of Economics

Skopje, Macedonia



The Institute of Economics-Skopje was established in 1952 and today it is an integral part of the University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius”. The Institute is based on three pillars: research activities, applied activities and, in the last decade, education in the second and the third cycle degree programmers in the field of the economics and organisational science and management. The mission of the Institute of Economics is a continuous analysis of macroeconomic dynamics in the country, expert support to business entities and institutions, as well as education of students and improvement of their skills.

Institute in numbers

The Institute has 26 employees, of which 20 are scientific staff, and 6 are administrative staff.

The research and educational activities of the Institute of Economics are provided by 20 employees with Ph.D. in economics; more specifically, 6 Research Professors/Full Professors, 6 Senior Research Associate/Associate Professor, 6 Research Associates/Assistant Professors, 2 Research Assistants.

Since its founding, the Institute has carried out more than 450 projects.

In its 60 years of existence, the Institute of Economics - Skopje has had a fruitful publishing activity. Over 120 separate publications have been published.

Until today, 558 students have obtained a master’s degree at the Institute of Economics.

Regarding doctoral dissertations, until now, the total number of publicly presented and defended doctoral thesis at the Institute of Economics is 108, and 92 doctoral dissertations are still in the process of research and preparation.

Fields of research

The scientific and research work is carried out through the following three fields: economics, organisational science and demography.

Research in the field of economics involves issues related to:

  • Economic and regional development
  • Human development; economic policy; labour force and demography
  • International economy, international trade; foreign exchange, fiscal and monetary system
  • Economics of tourism, agricultural economics, agrarian policy
  • Living standard of the population
  • Marketing, etc.

Research in the field of organizational sciences (management) involves issues related to:

  • Investment management
  • Marketing management
  • Business policy and corporate finance
  • Information systems
  • Management and corporate governance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • e-Commerce
  • Agribusiness management
  • Financial management etc.


The main activity of the Institute of Economics is scientific research in the field of economics, organizational sciences and demography, professional development of researchers, establishing and developing research infrastructure, publishing, and other activities pertaining to its main activities. During the 60 years of its existence, the Institute of Economics has become a significant factor for the development of scientific thought in the country as well as the application of scientific knowledge in tackling practical problems in this field.

Besides its primary research activity, the Institute of Economics also provides second and third cycle study programmes.

Second cycle of studies includes the following programs: Financial Management, International Economics, International Management, Entrepreneurship, Agribusiness, Business Management and Business logistics.

As part of the integration process of the “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” University, the Institute of Economics and the Faculty of Economics have started offering joint doctoral study programmes in Economics and Organizational sciences and Management.

In addition to these activities the Institute of Economics - Skopje realized large number of other activities such as making strategies, trainings, assessments, judicial expertise, etc.