Institute of Economics, Zagreb




The Institute of Economics, Zagreb is a public scientific institute with more than seventy-five years of experience in conducting scientific and development research in the field of economics. Owing to the impartiality and quality of its research team, it has gained the reputation of the country's leading research institute in the field of economics. The quality of its work is also reflected in an interdisciplinary approach to research which enables a comprehensive understanding of contemporary issues in economics.

EIS in numbers

  • Founded in 1939
  • 57 employees (34 researchers and 23 employees in service departments)
  • 70% of its financing – from public funds
  • 30% – from commissioned projects

Fields of research

  • Macroeconomics and international economics,
  • Business economics and economic sectors,
  • Social policy and labor market,
  • Regional economics.

Research Team

The Institute’s researchers have acquired their knowledge at leading national and/or international universities. A number of them teach at universities in Croatia and abroad as visiting scholars. They are recognized as highly esteemed experts in their respective fields, always open to sharing knowledge and cooperating with local and foreign scientists and the business community.

Commissioned projects and services

Research projects are commissioned by various national and international business organizations and public institutions: ministries, state agencies and offices, local and regional government units, public and private companies, World Bank, European Commission, various international organizations and other clients.

Services provided by the Institute include: analyzing current economic trends, preparing macroeconomic forecasts, developing methodology, creating strategic documents, preparing background papers for economic policy makers and providing consultancy services.


The Institute upholds the principle of open access to its research findings. Accordingly, the results of its scientific research are published in various publications which are available at the Institute’s website and are presented publicly as part of the Institute’s “Science Tuesdays” program. The Institute has been organizing “Science Tuesdays” for years as a platform for in-house researchers, external associates and international guest lecturers to present their latest research findings. The Institute also organizes scientific conferences and workshops.


  • Economic Trends and Economic Policy (research and professional papers)
  • Croatian Economic Survey (research and professional papers)
  • Croatian Economic Outlook Quarterly (short-term macroeconomic forecasts)
  • EIZ Working Papers (initial results of research projects)
  • Regio-novosti (Regio-news) (information in the field of regional development)
  • Sektorske analize (Sector Analyses) (analyses of various sectors of the economy)
  • EIZ e-News (overview of the Institute’s latest activities and products)